Friday, August 06, 2021

Making hanji in NY

Another hanji vat has been born, this time in upstate NY at Women's Studio Workshop! Woody built it to my specs and of course improved it because he has been making stuff forever: equipment, tools, jigs, and so on. This liner is so much more manageable than the one I have back home so I learn every time someone builds a new one. Last week I had a lovely class; here is Amanda at the vat.
We lost a lot of enrollment because of positive Covid tests but the remaining students were excellent. Megan is weaving with some paper thread and Marissa is spinning more. I was so glad that my family was able to drive up in two batches the day before I started to teach as we hadn't seen each other for a year and a half. The itty bitty baby I saw a week before lockdown is now running around and we are all older.

Megan cast this lovely bark lace bowl out of cooked paper mulberry bast fiber and used it to hold her hanji scraps from the week. I'm glad to be back with my parents now and have been intentionally staying with them more than going out (for many reasons), which is a big change from my usual behavior in NY. But I had a nice group show up for my online talk on Wed, which you can I think see here for a couple weeks before it is posted online.

Sunday afternoon Eastern Time, I'll offer a 1.5-hour demo-based jiseung workshop so you can see the steps from cutting a sheet of hanji into strips, cording it, starting a circular basket, and finishing it. You don't have to prepare anything as I recommend you watch first, which will give you a sense of what is going on, and then I will provide the info for what tools/paper to order.

Have a safe weekend!

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