Saturday, July 03, 2021


I was going to do another long post to wrap up but I can't, it's too much right now. But I wanted to surface briefly to say I'm home, barely functioning. This man was incredible, packed up hundreds of sheets of hanji and that damn frame (bal teul, at the very end tied up on the left) that I somehow got back from Jeonju without a car until the very end when Bo Kyung and her husband spent what felt like well over an hour at the post office on my last day. Incredibly, both packages arrived to NY and OH almost immediately, while I fret about one last box that hasn't arrived from Jeonju after weeks.

After this kind of trip, the usual jet lag, sleep loss, exhaustion, but this time the new wrench is coming home to a house that was left empty and wanting to weep at the sight of the weeds. I've been at them for the last three days straight, thank god for Bill and Michelle for coming over to mow because I just could not bring myself to even think about doing it myself.

This was my final lecture in Korean, lots of photos and videos even if you don't speak the language.

In my frenzy I managed to record a podcast about how we are doing during pandemic, in conversation with another beloved papermaker and artist, Barb Adams.

And below is the lovely video that Catherine Alice Michaelis created for the Cynthia Sears collection of artists' books at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. She focuses on a couple of books for each episode and all of them are created with great care, thought, time, and research. It feels good to be seen.

Finally, a blog post that I thought was quite wise. Maybe because I try so hard to eschew "social media" but mostly because I think that Gary is a great person.

Once I'm back in my head/body/etc., I'll continue to share more from Korea even though my body is not there anymore. My arm is less sore now and I am so relieved to finally have gotten my first vaccine dose the day after I flew home!

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Velma Bolyard said...

I have too many comments, but this is the ONE-I'm glad you're home.