Thursday, November 26, 2020

A breather

Backwards, now! I had wanted to do this for my show but didn't get around to it until I realized I wanted to recycle some old art, and do jiseung without making cords.
This was before I suddenly decided I needed to make even more food than I've been cooking for weeks. Because my hands are so restless, if I'm not making art, I have to be making something. The food happened because of hosting and then tons of food in the fridge, which is so unlike me.
In the beginning...but seriously. Today I am grateful for the pause to contemplate why we get this pause anyhow. All My Relations has, as always, an excellent episode about Thanks...taking. A friend then shared with me another excellent perspective from Tommy Orange, which made me realize why this ominous feeling about spreading this current virus by being intentionally reckless and endangering others is such an old feeling. It replicates the plague and disease spread on this continent to harm others.

Thanks to those of you staying home in your bubbles and keeping us all safe.

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