Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Practicing gratitude for now

Okay, back to attempting cheeriness! Here is the new storefront of my studio. The corner bit will be where my gallery is.
Big improvement from the original, right?
This looks roomy now but will be subdivided into three spaces. What's behind the camera and slightly in front will be gallery, the middle part my work space, and the back portion the beater room.
I confess I've been too distraught and stressed (my mom is a health care worker, has been sick, and is getting sick again) to make art, but I've been sewing lots of things.
I'm grateful to live on my own, so no one can yell at me for making ridiculous and mismatched chair and seat covers.
This is a pair of small bags that I made for a musician friend's daughters. I know she is hurting a LOT with cancelled concerts and world premieres and summer camps, so I hope this will bring some fun as everyone is stuck at home.
These are not the right fabrics to use for bags because they're for curtains, but I don't care!
The best therapy has been to draw my front yard rhododendrons from the window. A robin keeps flying from the tree next to these plants into my window, knocking itself constantly against the glass and pooping all over my window sill. I don't know what it sees in my living room studio that it wants. I'm pretty sure I am supposed to go and clean all of the poop but am not sure how to prevent more. Good thing I have lots of time at home to figure it out.

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