Sunday, October 07, 2018

Cooking with all burners

Arrived to Penland! As seen and heard, the brand-new paper studio is beautiful. Dusty from all the floor surfacing, but gorgeous.
This is the 'outdoor' space (the windows to the side and behind me are screens, not glass), equipped with a huge gas heater above so that winter papermaking can continue.
Speaking of GAS, wonderful industrial strength burners are ALL going (that third one is having some oxygen issues but eventually got up to a boil). They are so strong that they started roiling almost immediately! The industrial strength vent hood is so strong that there is zero kozo cooking smell inside (which we miss)—it all vents outdoors. So we have to out there for that fix.
The wet studio indoors (the wood table is about where the 'dry' area starts).
My view of the front door from the station I set up. I took over four tables and even then I don't have enough room for all the samples! I got carried away, but this is the right place to get carried away.

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