Saturday, July 28, 2018

A beautiful week for hanji

I should be sleeping so I can drive a TON tomorrow but wanted to do this sooner than later—about to leave Wells College in the morning. Here are Nancy and James board drying hanji.
We started out in REALLY wet and rainy weather. All of the wet work happened outdoors.
Our first post had deep drip marks from the leaking tent.
On Thursday, the sun finally came out and the rain said goodbye! Jane is pulling while intern Willa is watching.
Emily is looking at her beautiful bark lace in the trees.
Heather and Willa did a great job getting their bark lace type high to make a printed edition (2 more runs after this one).
This is the highest post any of my hanji students have ever managed (the final post, maybe #4?).
Always looking for places to board: Nancy and Willa at work.
When we started, we only had basement space, and I worried so much about how we'd pull it all off. When the rain started flooding the floors, it was time to find space upstairs even though we had no A/C.
We boarded onto every indoor window on the 2nd and 3rd floor. It's always a toss up about old glass; sometimes the release is not good. So I had them do it on the textured side, with flower patterns.
These in the top window were a test and I was relieved when they released.
The gallery install (there was also another short wall and a table). These students did fabulous work.
Emily took the picture so she's not in it, but we are goofing off on the vat as it dries. I was so grateful to have such a hard-working, resilient, and non-complaining group. Often I like to take a break from my students during meals but this week I was happy to spend all of my time with them. More pictures here. Hitting the road in the morning!

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Velma Bolyard said...

Seeing Wells and some folks I know is so cool. Love where lace took everyone this time. You all did amazing work in challenging conditions!