Monday, June 12, 2017

One more week

The time has flown, of course, and by this time next week I will be back home, frantically unpacking and setting up for the next exhibit, my California teaching, and my Australian adventure. I'm not sure how this poor one ended up on the floor of the subway but I relate.
More cooked and bleached kozo, drying. The bits of making (or really, prep work) are scattered very sparsely between work and recovery but I did as much as possible that requires heat before the heatwave arrived.
Dyed with yellow onion skins
 Drying after the mordant/final dye rinse
My visit to the Big Reuse in Gowanus, which is very dusty. I was breaking out into hives but I imagine that is normal. Not convinced that this is the solution but I really think one used fridge is better than nothing, especially with the summer coming. Pulp gets stinky very quickly.
None of the sinks were right because we need industrial things but these are the adventures that help confirm that I did the right thing by ordering the sink that arrived last week. I did panic at 2:30am yesterday morning worried that I ordered one with no legs but of course I got one with legs. Then again, I will only rest assured once I see the legs tomorrow.
I had started pigmenting this giant batch of cotton for Amy because she has a zillion other things to do but I stepped back as soon as the thing started to foam (not as much as this, but close). I was worried the retention agent was just foaming and not actually staying in the slurry so I walked away and left it for her.
She did an amazing job the following day because she's the expert, and wasn't as afraid of the foam as I was. We were very glad that interns finally arrived for the summer because this was a BIG cleanup job. What's left for me next week is a workload unreasonable by any standards, but that's because it's many jobs rolled into one: orders, estimates, juggling bids, waterproofing, soundproofing, violin practice, fiber prep, video shoots in three different locations, and several in-person pickups of equipment during a heatwave. On the side of that: packing and shipping logistics, my regular workload, and a desperate attempt to finish reading ONE of the books I brought for research.

Trying to 1. breathe and 2. only think about one thing at a time.

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Velma Bolyard said...

i love how the drying cords echo the bathroom things! don't be that marigold! hang in there!