Monday, August 31, 2015

Trauma drama

A car drove into my car last week, so I have been a mess for days. My limbs are intact but my heart has been pumping harder than ever and my mind, oh, my mind! Velma, ever sensitive and sensible and wise, suggested that I go look for real ducks. I saw them but didn't have binoculars to really see them. But I got a pair this weekend AND the details on an iris eradication next month that will become a harvest for me.
This is the first of a new series of ducks that look behind in the marvelous way that they can. I wish I could do that with my head.
The morning of the accident, before I knew anything awful would happen, I finished this book. And my first indigo duck. Both of those gave me great pleasure—a culmination of years of figuring things out technically and so on. Trying to hold onto that feeling as I wade through the challenging parts.

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