Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ocean receding too fast

I left Haystack less than two weeks ago but already it's so distant. It's remarkable, though, when I see these pictures again of the rocks and everything else that my heart immediately calmed a bit, soothed.
We all liked to justify overeating by the number of steps we had to take. Well, I did.
Carolanne had this as a funny piece on the ledge where she worked in the clay studio. I liked her so much and liked finding excuses to talk to her. When a lot of pieces came out of the kiln broken and not so happy, I overheard her say, "They're of us but not us, like hair or fingernails, so we have to let them go."
Naomi gave me the rest of her soy wax and advice on where to shop for an electric skillet. BEST ROOMMATE EVER.
This was the meal where I overate the most. We all felt pretty bad afterwards, but how can you not overeat when there are at least 10 kinds of pizza and huge bowls of cream, berries, and chocolate?
Priscilla was right behind me in the fibers studio and the best studio neighbor I could ask for. She's from Ohio and has lots of Oberlin connections (parent and child alums) and this amazingly well-rounded life where she teaches, plays music, cycles, has lots of friends, makes art, and just moved to a home with more land. She started to make these little sewn pockets and we were all smitten immediately. I was hooked by the very first three, and then they ballooned to LOTS.
Kelly, our fibers tech, wove some gorgeous samples while helping everyone and feeding our indigo habit. She dyed this yarn in the indigo vat and ooooh.

After Maine, I did a week and change in New York to see family and friends, work, and not get as much sleep as I wanted or expected. I took one of my ducks with me. Immediately, someone thought she was real. I mean, she is real, but he thought she was a live one.
We visited the Met, for work and play, mostly play to catch up with a bunch of colleagues and even meet some people I had either met in the past in a different capacity, or only known over email.
It threatened rain all day, spitting a bit, but we saw the big China exhibit and a few other things.

Who doesn't love a moon jar?

I conducted interviews and offered a ride to one for an in-person interview at the Morgan. He took me up on my offer, so I drove us back all day Sunday, saw my very patient sweetie afterwards, and then spent the entire last two days hosting and touring and explaining and driving and going nonstop. We had a MASSIVE thunderstorm that woke me up at 4am, but all is calm now. The candidate is on a flight back to NYC, I've had a ton of meetings and conversations and transactions back at the Morgan, and am slightly less inbox-heavy.

My pro shot my newest ducks, so you can see Stefan's handiwork starting here. Helen Hiebert also shared my ducks on her Sunday Paper. I try to travel with them almost everywhere I go because they bring nothing but 100% joy. I'm all for 100% joy.

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