Friday, November 09, 2012

Bottoms up

I went out in that squall last night to walk my book over to someone who has known me since I was 16. Though I went with all kinds of worries about my future, she reminded me that the space I need to make right now is for the book. This was a bit of a revelation to me (I have very bad amnesia, so no offense to those who have already told me the same thing), but became clearer this morning when I got an enthusiastic response from a stranger about my book. I realized that I don't have to blanket the world with the news all at once and that if I could let one new person every day know about it, that would be manageable.

I started to soak some paper mulberry bark for Saturday's class in Boston, and will get to packing now for that and my Providence event (actually, Pawtucket, but it's close enough). No more excuses, now that the storms and elections have passed!

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