Friday, January 18, 2008

That salt girl was right

I've been cutting words again, and this time in more forgiving material. This is something Elizabeth would say a lot, which I loved. I could use some clarity right now: I found out this morning that I won the scholarship at Manhattan Graphics Center! 3.5 months of workshop hours, a tuition waiver for a 12-week etching class, and a small materials stipend. Then, a few hours later, I find out that someone has cancelled at Ucross and they want me, as an alternate, to step up and take a residency in the spring. Yikes! This freaked me out so much that I immediately took a hot shower. Then I emailed back & forth w/a Jentel buddy (she had my studio the month before mine and we have never met in person, but she is a rockin' mail artist) for advice. No solid verdict yet, but I am leaning towards sticking it out in NY.

I find it hilarious that I was being showered with rejection letters and now it's pouring the opposite. I can only hope that the good fortune continues. I broke a wishbone w/myself and it said that great things are in store (I didn't cheat b/c my left, non-dominant, hand won). I also did an hour of yoga and visited my old music teachers to ask for referrals. 2008 is already kicking my ass! In a good way.


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Hello from Faial Island in Azores.

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Congratulations on the scholarship (& Ucross, too - whether or not you take it)!