Monday, October 08, 2007

This is it

This is our last week! It passed too quickly. These are the vend ready pieces I made this weekend for Art-o-mat.

Snow in the far mountains melted today since it warmed up. I took an hour-long walk at high noon with Chris, and then an almost two-hour hike up to 1,000 Acres with Joana close to sundown. I tried running up a hill and then almost fell over trying to catch my breath.

I'll miss crunching around everywhere. And seeing pregnant cows, deers with white tails that look like huge waving flags, and rabbits.

But it's not over yet! This is one of my gazillion sample books. I'm paper sample book queen. I like doing the small ones that look like books but have no pages. I'm just trying to stay happy my last week, not beat up on myself for how much/little work I've done, and get my business into order as best I can before flying off to California (Ellen says we can go to Santa Cruz when I get there! Wohoo!).


Paulettasaurus said...

Your Art-O-Mat contributions are gorgeous. What's inside?

Gili Warsett said...

nice pics! and you're in the home-stretch now!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The time passed too quickly for me to catch up to it -- I was going to send you cookies!

aimee said...

handmade paper, of course! w/wire words embedded in each piece. they're all from a performance i did in chicago.

and, thank goodness no cookies came! we got a little crazy - i made brownies, belinda got ice cream and apple crumble, and chris made carrot cake. she and i are also threatening to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Paulettasaurus said...

Do you know yet the location where your stuff will be dispensed? How can we get our hands on one?

aimee said...

no idea. the box is still in my studio, and after i ship it tomorrow, the folks in winston-salem will ship it to whatever machines need stuff, i think. but it takes a while and i don't think it's something that can be tracked.

maybe in a few months, you can email them and ask, as a concerned customer. hahaa.

polarchip said...

Even when you're beating yourself up for how little work you get done, you're still the most productive person I know! The paper looks so beautiful.

Can't wait to see you! It's SO SOON!