Saturday, July 10, 2010

"When you find your place"

I saw this today while working on the vat. I had not seen it until now and found it totally hilarious and appropriate.

I took a slow morning b/c I didn't sleep much but got to work still very tired. Tom and Tony moved the vat from its upright position to upside down for us to work on the bottom: we had to drill, countersink, and put in screws. Then we added long 1x3 boards along the length and then smaller ones to complete a grid of extra support that will protect the bottom.

Isn't she gorgeous? Too bad no one will see the bottom once this thing is done and in use. But I am very happy with how it is coming along. It felt really good to just work hard today, use tools, and be in a more spacious space than the wood shop. Plus we had lots of music going and no one was underfoot b/c no one was at work besides a couple of volunteers making paper.

This is probably the only power tool that I am okay using. There is no other tool you'll ever see me using in a picture. Oh, wait, maybe a drill press. But I have pictures of me and a chop saw from Chicago, Nebraska, and now Cleveland.

But even then, I didn't do a good job b/c I cut lots of pieces too short. I guess that's just more work for either me or the interns, to fill the gaps. It was all worth it, the mosquito bites, breathing sawdust, and wonky pieces, to finally feel like I had learned something and was contributing positively. I hope now I'll sleep well.

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