Friday, July 02, 2010

Talk about shattered

I went through my old sketchbook from my Nebraska residency years ago and found this. I am in Cleveland and today was my first day at the Morgan and I held up fine in the morning but then crashed and all I could manage to do was make hanji bracelets for my Kickstarter backers. But I met a whole bunch of great people and yesterday had already gotten the tour, which was amazing, and then was up late w/my hosts. It'll be great, but I just need to get a good night of sleep before I can function properly. But six pieces of my mould already arrived, as well as white bark from Korea; yay!

I found this, too, and it shocked me that I was doing a little bit of cording w/o even knowing it back in the day. Destiny. Also, the Lost Coast Culture Machine website is finally live, and fantastic. They are out in California and paper will be one of the things they do; they have a few of my books on consignment. Right now, I'm going to lay down for a moment before meeting the neighbors.


  1. i, too, am sleeping too much and at weird times. yay, there is a threads of paper thing spinning back through your work! i am SO excited about you being at the morgan.

  2. Ray Hoo! The hanji summer begins!
    It took me a bit of time to adjust at WSW, too, even though I am familiar with and love the place. Give yourself that! For me, everything fell into place when I began to take a nap after class each day. Seriously.
    Say 'hi' to all the Morganites!

  3. naps are glorious and wise. i LOVE seeing your work at work! and yesterday we were all talking about you--they all love you here. hopefully i will have something to show once you arrive!


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