Thursday, July 15, 2010

The fumes begin

After being the graduate assistant in the paper studio in Chicago, years ago, I have developed a huge fear of polyurethane and all other related things (like Bondo) that smell horrid and don't wash up with water. But here I am, sanding yesterday's spackling and getting ready for the first coat of varnish. This is the "before" picture, before I get polyurethane on my new shirt. Of course this happened as I was talking to an intern about how all of my clothes slowly become studio clothes. I still haven't learned the art of having trashy work clothes.

I love having Jim help me out on this project: he's patient, focused, polite, never complains, and isn't afraid to do new things. I wish more kids turned out this way. He was a huge help while prepping the area to varnish, since it was crazy dusty, and we were able to do the first coat pretty quickly. After so many years of doing things by myself, I love being here b/c I get so much help and it makes the job doable.

I also started Jim on the task of trimming the stainless steel rods from Jon to test for screens.

These are the teaching samples from yesterday's lunchtime tutorial and my next batch of hanji yarn to knit. I have about five or six panels ready to print on and started to rifle through wood type cabinets today. The narrow fan-like book is from when I did a demo of a single-sheet book and Eleanor asked if you could make more pages. It had never crossed my mind, but when I tried it out in front of them, it worked!

That, and THIS zine are two things I love about teaching and sharing in healthy environments: Eleanor came in today and got to work immediately assembling a whole edition in different colors of a zine she came up with this morning before work b/c she was so excited by yesterday's lesson. So this was a gift from her. How fabulous is that?

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