Sunday, July 04, 2010


What a great fourth! I glued my camera today (and still have super glue all over my fingers) and intended to take pictures today but didn't. Things were just too present and beautiful. I got to spend the whole afternoon and evening and night with Treva and her family, met her daughter Taya, and re-met her daughter Trinity, who was in a stroller when I saw her last. What a ridiculously gorgeous family. We caught up, and ate, and spent time outside and inside, played Wii w/Trinity, tried to put Taya down, walked, and then drove back to my place just in time to catch the fireworks. My hosts then were incredibly generous and hospitable and we all hung out for another long while before T&T went home. It's so inspiring to be here, even though I am still in adjustment tired land. Tomorrow will be a good day at work and play. The balance is great.

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