Sunday, July 11, 2010

The day off

For a workaholic, six-day work weeks are great: enough to feel like I'm always working, but with a day off so that it looks like I take weekends. Today I took two intense morning naps, talked with Ben for a while, and then went to the Cain Park Arts Festival with Treva and her girls.

We did lots of swinging in the playground there, and saw tons of work. Trinity was particularly drawn to the felting work of Miriam Carter, and tried on a bunch of things, which were all gorgeous. I'm amazed at her boldness: when she sees something she likes, she walks right up to the owner of the booth and says hello. I love spending time with her.

After the festival, we got much-needed ice cream and then shopped. I got flip flops and a new dress and then we headed home for dinner, the old version of the Little Rascals, and more hanging out. I'm as tired as I would be after a work day, but at least I'm not covered in sawdust.

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