Monday, July 19, 2010


I have no idea what bit my back, but it's a huge welt. Strangely with no itchiness or pain or anything. A mosquito got me late in the day, though, while I gave Katie (big sister of friend of Ben) a tour. Here I am after the final coat of polyurethane. I was happy to see how it dried when I came in today, except for a few little spots, but I think that is inevitable, esp when you work w/o enough light to be able to see anything. It's so beautiful that I am loath to flip it over to reveal the part we will actually see since it's not as gorgeous. I'm also a little bummed about the drain hole location. But I have to let go of these things b/c all I can do now is move forward. Nothing will ever be perfect enough for me.

This morning I indulged myself in a drive back to Chagrin Falls to get two things I coveted: a ring and a necklace. I stopped in their lovely book store and got three books, too. This is unheard of b/c I never acquire books on the road unless they are to use as teaching and reference tools if absolutely necessary, but I was getting desperate. I haven't read since I got here, and it makes me feel the same way I feel if I don't eat enough fresh fruit and veggies (maybe these things always happen simultaneously b/c I need more fruit right now...). I was able to have a nice talk with Ben and talk about differences b/t the American camps vs. the German one, and then rushed into work to find no one at all. Which makes sense, since it's closed on Mondays. I got a bunch of work done and then noticed two young men walking around barefoot. Apparently they were former interns. One was picking up paper and the other said he was back to work! So it will be good to have another young person on board to finish this vat.

Katie came by later and after the tour, she took me to Koko Bakery, which was super. The owner was so nice and gave us free things to eat to accompany our bubble tea, and we had a good conversation before we left. It's nice finding all the little gems around here.

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  1. Hi Aimee, I've been a bit slow picking up your blog but have just spent a happy half hour reading and admiring the pictures! Sorry to hear about the mozzies... I come out in hives myself and there are lots here in our southern hemisphere summers so I am itching in sympathy. I can't believe how fast it's all coming together for you: it all looks fantastic. Best wishes, Sara


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