Friday, July 09, 2010

Serious progress

The Morgan's kozo garden. It's looking gorgeous. The tallest trees to the right are 3rd-year growth. [okay, adding my p.s. here b/c I am too tired to properly place it: My panty book is in a Minneapolis 3D print show at MCBA that opened tonight.]

I found my camera where I had left it. Today Tom borrowed a truck to pick up a new donation of a Vandercook #4 press and

more flat files. That's Spencer (intern) and Bruce (exhibits & more guy) helping Tom w/the unload.

Yesterday when we worked on the vat, Jim (intern) came to help in the afternoon. Tom is showing us his wet sock trick to wipe up excess wood glue. I've learned a lot of woodworking things but mostly get glue all over my fingers and watch Tom use tools b/c I don't feel like shooting nails into myself or making bad cuts on long lumber. But it's truly amazing to see this vat come together after just a few days, all thanks to Tom's push to get it done before he takes off this weekend for PBI.

Today after a phone interview, I headed over with Tom to the shop to add top, bottom, and corner pieces to the outside of the vat. He cut 2x4s for the bottom and then we hauled the whole thing into the truck (thank goodness we had it--no other vehicle would be able to cart it around safely). Bruce dropped me downtown to take the rapid home to another neighborhood porch party, then dinner out w/my lovely hosts for sushi and amazing desserts, a short walk w/Norman (their dog), and now waiting for the laundry to dry. It'll be 1am by the time I get into bed if I'm lucky, but I am so relieved that we've gotten this far. See?

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