Saturday, July 03, 2010

Day two

Blurry, but exactly what I needed to read before I came here. This morning, I walked w/Susie and Norman (host and Bernese Mt. dog) around the area to get a sense of what is around and accessible on foot, and then Susan (neighbor) took me to the Morgan and I showed her around and she made her first sheet of paper at Paper Bridges and then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing I don't remember what (besides putting tape on my newest mosquito bites: I have been attacked every day so far, but as to be expected). I met Emma (intern) who will be helping me in the wood shop and spent more time explaining my research and hanging out with people while cutting down hanji for a sketchbook since I need a new one. Spencer (intern) gave me a ride home again and expressed interest in my hanji sketchbooks, which was a funny thing for me to hear since I haven't sold blank books in a long time.

This evening I attempted a workout and lasted three minutes before giving up and showering and relaxing. I tried to run errands but forgot my wallet so it took two trips but now I'm settling in. I talked with Treva (old friend from NYC who now lives here) to hopefully meet up with her and her family and Katherine called so I am feeling more and more at home. I'll see one of my fave Oberlin profs next month and will make a date soon w/a contact from over ten years ago who happens to work very close to my new digs. She saw me through my symphony administration days through grad school (she was best friends w/my then dept chair) and beyond.

When you find your place, practice begins.

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