Friday, July 23, 2010

Naked boys

Today's humidity is and was ridiculous. I did last-minute tiny epoxy touch ups and the vat is ready for its framework, placement, height adjustment, and drain fitting. I had another super convo w/Jim at West System, who said it's been fun to help me with this project and nice to be in touch w/people who are passionate about their work. I felt like a dead weight today, so it was funny to hear that, but I had just given a couple of tours in the morning and got Cameron started on his screen weaving. This was the beginning of his set up.

The start of the screen was gorgeous. John and I went to Chinatown for bamboo screening, but after hitting a bunch of places, came back w/only a few tiny sushi rolling mats. Not enough but a small start. We got caught in a downpour that did nothing but get us wet and make the air more humid. Jala came in for her first volunteer day and I felt badly b/c I forgot to tell her about the bug spray before she went into the garden. She was mauled by mosquitoes. I got a few more bites, too. It's inevitable; the Morgan mosquitoes go after the women. She admired my paper knitting, so I gave her the swatch I was working on. She said, "if you teach that in a workshop, I would totally take it." It'll be great when she comes back next week and I can show her more.

When we returned from shopping, Cameron had changed his setup after building a makeshift jig. I can't show those pictures yet b/c they're almost too inappropriate. He and Tom were topless most of the day b/c it was so hot. But the screen took a turn for the worse, so I'll come in Sunday to either fix the damage or build a proper jig. It's hilarious that a young American man of Swedish, Irish, and Polish descent is making the American version of a Korean screen that only about four people still make in Korea.

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  1. Not only amazing but awesome. Think about what you're doing: perpetuating a traditional art form and evolving it in the process. It's wonderful work you're doing.


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