Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"We didn't do anything today"

I slept in even later today, until 8am, and got to work right as Cameron was pulling in. We both wore purple shirts today, weirdly, and were at work until 8pm, but felt a little bummed by how little we got done. At least, that's how it felt. I had him iron the fabric to sew onto the screen edges in the morning.

I sewed up one test screen with big bamboo, and another of stainless. He did his own of stainless. We had to add extra chain lines on the edges so the fabric had something to grab.

That was actually a great thing for this screen, b/c it straightened it out. The curved chain lines came from weaving w/o a jig. If this one works, I bet everyone will want one or want to use it for the curvy lines it will leave on the paper. Mistakes are so often pretty.

This is all we have to show for ourselves today. Besides a little sanding, tidying, dishwashing, and the usual antics that pop up here and there, like replacing paper towel rolls and setting up the new computer for wireless. I even set up a couple fans at the end of the day while waiting for a finance committee meeting to end so I could do some pushups w/o being molested by mosquitoes. As always, I am determined to get more work done tomorrow!

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