Saturday, July 24, 2010

A real day off

Today was my first day off since I can't remember. I finally got to sleep past 7am and had a wonderful time with my family--turns out that my cousin, her husband, and daughter all live not too far away, and that her parents are visiting from Korea. I haven't seen her for years and my aunt and uncle since I left Korea last year. So I saw her home, caught up, had a huge family lunch, and then did some grocery shopping before I came home. Then I went with my hosts to see "Inception" (which had a scene in a huge old printshop-y space--you could see all the presses and type cabinets and whatnot) and have sushi and drinks afterwards at Sasa. The red grapefruit sorbet was perfect.

Tomorrow I'll head back to work and deal with the screen. More pics are online. I now have about six books to read, since Treva and Trinity came over last night to drop off four more. Life here is rich.

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