Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Now we have met epoxy

I've had a hard time sleeping so I'm tired each morning, but at least have been reading more and carry Alice Walker with me, which is a huge comfort. I have been mopey about my vat so this morning I took a break and did snail mail stuff for the Morgan to donate art to their auction (for their Oct open house).

Spencer helped a little in the morning with some sanding and I did as much as I could stand, and then Cameron and I did some wiping down of the vat before we broke for lunch and then faced the thing I have been so scared of for the last month: marine epoxy.

It wasn't so bad! In fact, w/the rollers, it's super fast and easy. Here I was, worried the HUGE containers wouldn't be enough for three coats. But we'll be just fine. I think we'll have to get new rollers tomorrow since we only have enough for one more coat, but otherwise, it will be okay.

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