Saturday, July 31, 2010

Closer and closer!

I woke up today too early, but too wired still to go back to bed. I kept trying and trying to nap and alternated with admin and reading, and finally managed to sleep for a little bit in the afternoon and then got to work around 4pm. Turns out I should do that all the time: Tom got so much done! Suddenly, the transformation. Amazing. Inside I was close to ecstatic but still too tired to function much.

I love hanging out INSIDE the vat but got bitten 5x by the same mosquito while reading inside of it--even though I had put a fan inside by running the cord thru the drain. There is still a bunch left to do. I helped Tom check piping to run a gas line to a spot where the new cooking stove will go. The oyster knives we got for a different purpose are actually perfect for scraping bark, so I was able to cross more things off of my big list. But mostly I was totally useless today for anything besides reading.

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