Friday, July 30, 2010

Even though I work every day, TGIF

I didn't get enough sleep but was able to glue on the last pieces of the new moulds for smaller Korean-style screens (after routing them like the "I'll rout anything in sight" person that I've become) before getting Spencer to sand them and then

varnish them. He did the same for the belly board/mould lip for the front of the vat. Tom and I also talked more about the guides for the couching table and then where we'll place the whole vat and studio.

Melissa came in and we got to do lots of catching up and hanging out while working--it has been over four years! Here she is behind Tom, when Marcus had dropped by for a second. Tom and I had put new 2x4 center legs onto the table that will support the vat and added a 1x3 to shore up one of its edges.

Tom also dry fitted the drain and we placed everything roughly where it will be for class.

Melissa had two beaterloads of abaca going--one in Tom's studio (above) and one at the Morgan. We were finally able to get away later in the evening for a great big Vietnamese dinner on the west side. So much catching up! It was unspeakably wonderful to be able to spend time talking to Melissa again instead of just checking blogs and sending emails for the last several years. She even brought me mosquito repellent wipes (though I didn't use them soon enough so I got my requisite bite of the day)! I'll treat myself to sleeping in tomorrow since I should just stay out of her hair since her workshop starts in the morning.


mjc said...

I agree, it is great to SEE you in person again!

So was actually handling all the hanji work after all this time admiring the digital gorgeous as the photos may be, the range of tactile experience to be had with it is even better! I'm truly happy about my next shows, but I sooo wish they were both happening just one week later. I so wish I could stay here and be your hanji student.

Velma Bolyard said...

melissa's smile!!!