Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I felt more on top of things today, trying to accept that nothing is going to go at lightning speed on this project. But I did get a shipment of stainless steel rods today, so that means we can get started on making screens. Though I don't think I will do this until I get further along with the vat.

I had great interns today: Eleanor and Jim. I started her on papermaking and she and John got through most of yesterday's pulp so I beat another load today while teaching all three of them a folded book, a non-adhesive tip in, and some tricks like saliva tests for grain direction. That was fun. Jim and I spackled the rest of the trim and bottom of the vat after we flipped it. I had a long talk w/the technical specialist at West System and also talked to Tom so I can get the info I need to get started on varnish and epoxy jobs (my least favorite b/c of the fumes). Jim and I cleaned up the workspace and tomorrow will be routing and sanding and hopefully the first coat of varnish on the outside.

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