Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dirty clothes

I didn't bring enough clothing at all. I'll be lucky if I make it two more days w/o doing laundry. The letterpress class was cancelled so I have my weekend (and focus) back, though it was a real blast from the past when I started to prep for the class. I asked Eleanor to make a hell box b/c there isn't one on site, and showed her how to cut leads. I did public transport today, too, and survived, but just barely--b/c of the weather. I can't wait until this heat wave breaks.

Tom has started on the vat and I'll attend a board meeting tomorrow. I'm still on a hunt for a substitute for bamboo splints to sew screens. I'll be happy, though, if I sleep through the night. Hopefully I can also do a teaching session w/interns before the week is up. I am keen on that and remembered that years ago, I started an internship program for NYFA and loved doing it. Oh, and I also met Ahmed today--an artist who had to flee Baghdad and is now here.

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