Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slowing down

90% humidity?! Brutal. But I rushed to work early today to soak fiber, beat fiber, and prep. I was alarmed by all the water on the floor but then found out it was from roof leaks (we got lots of rain last night). I got one of my interns to pick up OxiClean for the stinky pulp that's been around forever and Susan took me to one hardware store and two marine supply stores to get more supplies to finish up the vat.

There's still a LONG way to go; we're getting into the harder parts. Harder since it's all about fixing whatever was inaccurate on the say to this point, and since it's slower going and less exciting than hacking wood and piecing it together.

But I had my fantastic Kent State interns today. Here is Stephanie putting epoxy into the corners. She was a big trooper today and stayed super late.

Emma was my savior today with wood filler. I'm bummed they only come in one day a week, b/c they're great to work with and also work really well together. But that's life. Tomorrow I'll have to do more work on the top so that we can turn it over and fill gaps and sand the bottom.


mjc said...

Aiee for the humidity...and for the roof leaks! Is our work in the show OK? Otherwise, having lots of fun dyeing paper with Tom and Velma...back to work in 3 more days, though. Can't wait to see all this!

aimee said...

oh, no worries about the work: these are leaks they are well aware of, so they never place work under the leaks. they said they were going to get an intern up to the roof to fix them but i don't want to see that. sounds SCARY.

continue to have fun! try to get tom to chill out more. we worry that he is too worried about us :) but we just want him to relax and have fun!

mjc said...

...Well, I saw him happily wandering the halls with some other grinning folks at 2 am this morning, so I think he's doing OK :-). We have been having a blast in Tatiana's class, too.