Thursday, July 22, 2010

At the price of our brain cells

Eleanor came in today, which was a great surprise, since we thought she was done w/her internship and wouldn't be back until the workshop this weekend.

She started sewing the stainless screen and did some fun rigging. Cameron will take over for her tomorrow and has already figured out how to improve her system.

Meanwhile, he and I did three more coats of epoxy after I consulted two different technical specialists at West System (I love them). Cameron also did some extra dremel-ing of the drain, which Tom will fit later.

Tom returned, straight from the airport, and cleared up a MAJOR piece of miscommunication: I thought before he left that he wanted us to varnish and epoxy in areas that were enclosed, with still air, to keep dust from flying into the wet stuff. Turns out he wanted us to set up in places like OUTSIDE to get lots of ventilation. I feel so badly for my interns, myself, and everyone else who had to deal w/the fumes locked inside. On the upside, the outside of the vat is dust free.

After another long, hot, humid work day, Treva picked me up to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I had no idea what we were walking into b/c if I did, I NEVER would have gone. Now I won't be able to sleep b/c I am traumatized. I told the interns that I've been losing sleep from vat/hanji studio worry, but tonight it will definitely be b/c of the movie. But I still love Treva.

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