Saturday, May 28, 2016

Went fishing in very cold water

After waking to a blanket of snow and driving through hail and enormous snowflakes, I made it west to PBI. After very intense but excellent classes and gatherings, I drove back to almost 90 degree heat. Back, recovering, more soon! Holiday now.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Back to work, again

I took these over with three other dresses to show the ladies at Bolt & Spool, which is always fun. These are Debbie's shots of the 2-yo size dresses.

In the meantime, I have cleaned and done laundry and showered and am getting my place ready to greet me in a couple weeks (I always do this right before I go; I hate coming home to a mess). Over the last few weeks, it has become really clear to me that this will be my last year of this lease. I don't know where I'll end up, but I don't want to live in this building and neighborhood much longer. It's good to know now, though I will have to stay for another year, but it gives me a while to try and purge as much as possible.

In that spirit, I'll be donating some things for the PBI auction (at Ox-Bow in Saugatuck, Michigan, on Wed, May 25). And now, it's really time to pack.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Unwilling to pack

In all of my planning and thinking about the travel ahead of me for the next year and a half, which includes multiple continents and far flung states, I realize that the weariness I feel is around the process of packing and unpacking. I used to pride myself on the ability to pack well, which is still the case. But these days I don't enjoy it, probably because I like being at home and because I do it so much.
[There are three more dresses on the side wall on the right that you can't see.] I keep making these in this desperate grasping I always have right before I travel, as if these are the last days of my life that I'll get to make things. In this case, it's probably true, since my website update has shown me that it's broken so I have to do a massive redesign (LONG overdue). There goes my summer.

That said, I did get good news today from my PT: no more PT necessary!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

One week, one day

Finished these yesterday after a long week of everything. Taking care of what I can in this last week before I teach at PBI. Today is my last real day off! Enjoying it with another dress (2D this time, for a group project), lots of sewing.

Friday, April 29, 2016

A little here and there

Repurposing old art to serve my inability to stop making hanji dresses! Endless delight. If my eyes and fingers held up longer, I'd stay up and sew and sew and sew.
Plus newer pieces of suminagashi tests.
This has been in the works for a while but subject to weather, completely. The good news from PT is that I am to take two weeks away to take care of myself on my own! On Wednesday, I gave a lecture to the Rowfant Club, which was received so heartily that I was somewhat surprised (it's not always easy to stay awake on hump day after dinner and drinks). It was a pleasure, though, and I got to see wonderful things on the brief tour of the buildings when I arrived. Even better: Dard Hunter was a member and they own all of his books! So I will get to spend time with at least one particular book to do some nice quiet research with volumes that are usually in special collections that are far away from me.

What else? Hand Papermaking's auction ends tomorrow, and there are still so many chances to get rare books, special papers, artifacts, studio time, subscriptions, and more!

Also, to support the Textile Society of America's scholarships (they have someone willing to match $10K raised in the next month!), click here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Long-term loose ends

I decided last night that I had to finish this teapot that has been going on for longer than I'd like (due to interruptions).
I tried to repurpose an old piece but still need a lot of practice making things without patterns. I already got a comment about it looking like a straight jacket, so I'll let it sit for a while before I go back in to rework it.
Not perfect (a VERY tight fit inside), but done! I do need to finish it but maybe I'll save that for when I teach so I have a sample to coat.
Since I hate to leave scraps alone, I used the bits leftover from the lid (which had been leftover from the body of the teapot) to make this little one. It was going to be a full bird and then I thought, eh, chess piece is fine.

The Hand Papermaking auction is still going! I'm a little surprised there haven't been any bids yet on this tapa from Tonga, but it's also possible that people are waiting until the last minute (this coming Saturday) to sweep in with bids. Browse often and bid soon!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

And another and another

I can't stop! They bring me so much joy. Finally, a use for this dyed hanji that I've had laying around for a few years, and a new pattern (for a 2-year-old).
The light switch is for scale. I still have NOT figured out how this pattern works, after three rounds. But I also love that I got to use this paper (dahlia and persimmon).
Improv based on the other patterns. After pulling out lots of stitches, I figured out how to finish it without a machine. Again, so satisfying to use this paper. I had expected to get other kinds of work done this week, but after a zillion medical visits, I decided at the last minute on Friday to sew. Yay for that decision!

Also, bidding has begun for the Hand Papermaking auction!