Friday, May 01, 2009

What we did yesterday, AGAIN (aka Thursday recap)

Yesterday, my jiseung teacher drove us to my hanji teacher's papermill! Tam got to make hanji! Wohoo! That was her "out of Seoul" trip. Lovely day and all.

Here, we're making joomchi (textured paper) after having honey and pine nut tea and cherry tomatoes. Again, my hanji teacher was ridiculously generous and sent us home w/lots of lovely hanji.

After the tour and tutorial and meeting/greeting everyone, we had a late lunch/early dinner at a local tofu place that makes their own. YU-UM. The best part is that they gave us the bean curd dregs and my jiseung teacher took it home and said his wife will make me stew from it next week during my lesson. I LOVE that stuff.

We took the scenic route home to avoid rush hour traffic and I got kind of carsick b/c I was trying to weave in the car. But we got to Itaewon early and found the restaurant where Katherine was having her birthday dinner. We've been surprisingly good w/finding places this whole week (besides my lost-ness on Monday).

It was great to meet a bunch of her friends and be able to celebrate together, even though we were stuffed. I especially loved Su-Yoon, pictured here w/Katherine (who somehow is always totally put together all the time. It makes me a little crazy b/c I am always the total opposite, esp after a day trip to the country. I don't think it has anything to do w/her being older than me, either).

Tam had soda at dinner, so we were up LATE chatting at night. We haven't been getting lots of sleep. Internet was down last night so I freaked out about not being able to blog or get in touch w/people, but it was great just doing slumber party talk.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    it's all a facade, really. ;P

    twas great to spend time with you and tamara - i know how tired the both of you must have been after your full day.

    you guys have sure been doing a lot!

    and yes, go buddha!^^



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