Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting there

I spoke too soon! But for sure, next week, I will be done with this lamp. Today was a fun lesson b/c I had worked on a necklace that I had designed myself and my teacher was happy w/me b/c it was good! He kept saying, "I didn't teach this to you; how did you figure it out??" I wanted him to feel like I get it well enough to be on my own once I leave Korea, so that he knew I learned well and can apply these skills. So I'm psyched about that. Plus I got to show it off to everyone tonight for a girls' night in; approval all around.

Yesterday was hilarity: I asked Sarah for help getting my 20 kilo box from my home on top of the hill to the nearest post office in the scorching afternoon. She's a total trooper. So the box is on its way home by sea. We ended up hanging out on campus (at Ewha Women's University where she takes Korean classes) after that, marveling at the way that the recent suicide has been taken by the public at large, sitting outside with good cheap dinner, eating all her snacks, and staying up way too late. I got home at 2am. I think I have been getting to bed past 2 and sometimes even past 3 for the last four nights in a row. So I'm bordering on crazy BUT I have completed at least one major thing on the to do list! Now I just need to confirm my flight home and then I'll have a real end date.

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