Friday, May 08, 2009

Work / play / chocolate

I've been forced into bed early for at least 3 nights in the last week - more than usual for a 2-month span! But the weird pain belt has passed, and today was my "fun" day: my dyeing teacher and his wife went to the mountains to pick greens so their oldest daughter, another student, Hyunmi, and I all just hung out at the studio. I did some quickie indigo and cochineal dyeing b/c I realized after seeing Hyunmi's cochineal samples yesterday that mine turned out totally RED, rather than magenta. I wanted to also see how the indigo and cochineal would combine since they did well on hanji yesterday. I even tie died, which looked horrific when wet but dried beautifully. I also made a scarf for my grandmother, whom I'll visit before I leave. I haven't seen for nine years or more.

I had prepped a TON of strips last night from dyed hanji, and brought it all over to teach Hyunmi some jiseung. In the process, I made more bracelets, and three more of these pendants. After holding off my chocolate craving all day, I finally gave in at about 6:30pm. This morning, I had packaged the penultimate piece in my subscription series, and found out that the stationery from Frank is B5 paper. B5 is such a lovely size! I wish we used that back home.

I also found a receipt that is from February for over a million won. Oops. And I'm late on my phone bill. AND I had a nightmare last night about going back to my alma mater to teach undergrads but they turned out to all be 10 year olds. I must be psychic, b/c apparently a bunch of young students will descend at the dyeing studio tomorrow for a session. I am ready for the worst. Time for another line of chocolate.

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  1. l propose to exchange one delicious eu choclotate for one of those paper jewels of yours


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