Monday, May 11, 2009

I'd rather be eating pomegranates

[Silk in pomegranate dye.] I chatted with Ellen today, and she reminded me that I have to schedule down time and then protect it w/my life, for the sake of my life. I've been in this malaise for a while, walking through the days, not wanting to do anything except escape my mildew-y home (which disgusts me to NO end; I have no tolerance for anything but asses smelling like ass, and have gone from attack #1 with bleach [failed] to attack #2 with essential oils [nausea inducing]). But there is no escape since it has been pouring ALL day. I admit that after reading her last post, I was tempted to call Katherine and beg her to go drinking with me, but that would be inappropriate since she has a lecture to prep and works really hard.

This rain is impressive in its relentlessness. After errands and Korean class (where my tutor bemoaned my backwards motion towards true Korean idiocy; I blame the craft work but really it's because I don't study at all and make up my own grammar and spelling rules), I lapsed into a nap, and then a whole lot of laying in bed, cleaning out email folders, and doing my best to avoid all work whatsoever.

I had this fantasy of reading brilliant things online but only got this far before making fried rice wrapped in perilla leaves. I have the easiest grant app in the world sitting on my desk that I keep pushing around in circles, and want nothing more than to hang out in bed with chocolate and ice cream and red wine close enough so that I don't have to reach.

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  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    hehe. girl, we will have to go out for drinks soon - but unfortunately not tonight since i have a looming deadline. doh!

    i think that what you have is a case of pre-monsoon malaise. don't worry - things will pick up before you know it. as for the drinks - i'll definitely take a "rain" check. ;P



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