Sunday, May 10, 2009

That old line on abundance

I'm in a lurch now where I want to slack off, just when I need to stay on task to the end. Today I hung out w/Julie, which was great. After lunch and a ridiculous dessert (scroll down), we went over to the bell tower to see puppets by Eom Jung-ae of Chuncheon Puppet Theater, hosted by Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea to recognize Adoption Day weekend.

Then we took a walk to a lovely tea place and passed what Tam said looked like a massive TP-ing of the city. I think the overall response was, "someone worked really hard but the results are not so hot."

We had no idea what this was, either. By then, we had made pathetic attempts at shopping but at least had completed the mission of getting a new pair of glasses for me. I wanted a conservative look and was delighted when the dude said he'd take the prescription down a notch. Next time, we'll look for cheaper contacts, too.

We also got yummy dumplings from my favorite stand in one of the department stores. It was a junk food day, but that's what we needed. I am on the verge of flipping out about how little time I have left - the closer I get to departure, the more people and opportunities arise since I'm finally in a place where enough people know me and want to help me out. It's a nice contrast from my arrival here. Though Julie reminded me that I am still a magnet for crazies.

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