Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Metal v plastic

I woke up at 7am to pouring rain, and since I had finished my app last night, I gave myself an extra hour to sleep. I was going to hit the international clinic at the major hospital down the road right when they opened (since I couldn't get through via phone to make an appt) but ended up catching up w/Terttu first. I wanted an annual, and freaked out when I walked into the room with a male doctor, but it turned out he was just conducting the interview in English (a semi-weird one, where he took my blood pressure by NOT releasing pressure on my arm forEVER. In the end, he laughed at me b/c of my hypochondria and then ran away). The female doctor came in after that and did the pap, all in Korean. That was ALL that happened. No pelvic, no breast, no lectures, nothing.

The chair was great, though. No stirrups, just partial cylinders to hold your thighs, which I liked a lot better (though this would NEVER fly back home b/c there's no "one size fits all" that works back home). Then it was all remote controlled and moved so that there was minimal scooching around. I also loved that she said, "it'll be cold, b/c this is going in!" as she waved the speculum in the air so I could see it. It was metal! Which I loved. It probably means it's reused, which doesn't gross me out - actually, I like that I don't have to feel guilty as a species thinking about bagfuls of plastic disposables going into landfills. Or wherever medical waste goes.

That, and making 57 copies while the copy shop guy asked about how I eat on my own (suggesting barley and special greens if I cook at home) and mailing my app, was enough for me in the muggy weather. So I treated myself to a mega nap and started a dummy for a possible new project after unwinding hundreds of cords. Terttu thinks that I'll soon snap out of my slacker phase, realize how much work I have to do in how little time, and then just do it. I fear that my sister's diagnosis is more accurate: senioritis.

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