Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And we're back

[Mary and Young Hee after my lecture - they were both incredibly helpful and generous during the rough parts of my grant in the fall, and continue to be super supportive.] Tylenol didn't cross mind until after I laid in bed shivering for an hour last night. Then I realized that it could take care of all of my symptoms. I thought I only had one pill left, so I took it in the dark, praying that it would be enough. In about an hour or so, everything let up and I got up again to work until about midnight. I'm a workaholic that refuses to work - the important things I avoid, and everything else I do in a frenzy.

I woke up feeling waaaay better and have been weaving on and off all day so that my teacher doesn't whip me tomorrow in my lesson. I also pretty much booked myself for the rest of the week/end. Last night, I got a new idea for work to show, but felt all crazy b/c my hands are literally tied right now and I can't full out DO that work now. But it's a relief, since I've been paranoid about not being able to make work anymore. Like, I should go into accounting or something (except that I'd suck at accounting. But I can't think of any other morbid examples). What I'd love is to just have free rein w/inventory like this, at my teacher's papermill.

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