Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Breathe in breathe out

I feel creeping resentment about various things lately but am hoping it will all pass and that not everyone is out to use me. I am just worn out today; my vacation is over! The vacation being my week away from weaving. Today I was woken up at 7am by a text from my cousin's wife about how my aunt (the one who took me in for my first 3.5 mos here) was in the hospital and if I had time, to visit. Of course I freaked out; turns out she had thyroid cancer and it was removed yesterday in surgery. So I got myself together and ran down the street, back to the hospital I went to yesterday, and hung out for a little while. She was doing great, though we were all horrified when the surgeon came in and asked how she was and then proceeded to touch her neck all over her wound. OW.

She and my cousin's wife insisted on me leaving w/a big mandarin orange, a bottle of grape juice, and a pastry (all after already eating a chocolate ice cream bar) since it was near lunchtime but not quite and they wanted me to be able to eat on the go. I told them how taboo that was in Korea, but they said it's all changing and now people eat burgers on the train. I was like, NO, they don't, but sure enough, I get on the subway and three buddies in a row right next to me were all eating burgers (I think they were chicken rather than beef but I basically lost the argument hands down).

My weaving lesson kicked my ass and my piece is SO MUCH BIGGER than I ever wanted it to be. I'm horrified. It's probably about 400 cords around, not the 200 that my teacher initially said. Which means it will take 2x as long to get around. AGH. I don't really see an end in sight. It's also too big to carry around and was nearly killed in rush hour traffic. My teacher keeps saying things like, "don't move it around when you weave! Think of it like a baby!" and then I say, "but teacher, I've never had a baby so I can't relate." But I felt super protective after the first teenybopper ran into it and smashed the handle in.

Then I ran to meet Hae-Seon for dinner. I don't think I've seen her since...last year!!! She has a new job and soon a new home. It was super great to catch up but of course not enough time - we were both fried and have lots of work tomorrow so we couldn't stay out too late. Then I came home to blue toilet water. We'll see how this latest attack on the mildew goes. And how well I weather the next few overbooked days!


  1. I hope your aunt will make a full recovery and that you will be in good health as well.

  2. I hope your aunt is doing well. You know it's impossible to say no to food being offered. I'm still full from the apple crisps before dinner.

  3. Oh, and my friend Perry said you're beautiful. I told him to let you know, but he said I should tell you. So I am. In public.


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