Monday, May 04, 2009

The shoe dropped

My body is in full riot gear - this morning I did my last two loads of laundry but felt awful - a raging headache, fever/chill precursors, and aches. My cure was to leave early for class so I didn't end up laying in my room all day. I got through my 2 hours of Korean instruction and met Kelsey for lunch (where they greeted us by warning us about the step down at all the tables and then I promptly walked right into the booth and nearly fell down b/c I was too tired to heed the warning). I got home and then collapsed into a heap and slept for likely over 3 hours. Total fever. Kelsey had me hydrate for my headache but I woke up wanting to find an acupuncturist for my jaw. Ben had warned me this weekend about running myself ragged and I thought I had escaped punishment but I guess it was all just a matter of time.

So it's time for soup.

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