Saturday, May 09, 2009

I will not be had!

Today I did a bad job dyeing, got footage from JL that I possibly might not be able to work w/on my Mac, had horrible service from KTF (telecom co), and was the target of con artists. I had forgotten a scarf at the studio and was going back for it, when a woman and her "daughter" stopped me for directions, and then next thing you know I'm getting a lecture from "Buddhists" about how I need to take care of my unfulfilled ancestors who rely on me like a son and and and ... how I need to give these women money. I said no, and when they kept pressing for it, I said, "But I CAN make you bracelets out of paper!" They were like, "uh, no you can't. That would take too long." I said, "oh, no, they're right here in my bag!" and I pulled out two cords and tied together two bracelets.

The "mom" was rude enough AFTER that to still ask for money. I should have taken the bracelets back. Once I got to the studio and told my teacher about it, he warned me about the scammers out there and how I am too easy of a target. Then we went w/his daughter and new student to the neighborhood chicken place and drank. I was satisfied.

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