Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fourth load

This is my 3rd day of laundry. I have maybe two more left. No, two more loads. I got an email from Barbara, whom I had met last year at a paper workshop. She had been at WSW for a book arts residency, and made this GORGEOUS book. I love her printmaking: her line, her playfulness, her ability to layer and also have a lot going on at once but in a way that isn't overwhelming. I love seeing the work of mature artists who are really solid in their voice.

I had a hard night and needed a spot of talking down at 3-4am, but I woke up to a sunny day, did a little yoga and meditation, and am hoping to seize what good energy I have for the tasks at hand. I realize now that I am missing uninterrupted studio time - that is what I really need right now. I won't get it until August, but at least I can put a finger on the unsettledness.

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