Friday, May 22, 2009

Go, Katherine!

Tonight was Katherine's Fulbright Forum, which she rocked, of course. I got to run her video camera! Thank goodness she just needs it as documentation, b/c I was fooling around WAY too much. Zoom, zoom, whoops! there goes the camera! and so on. I'm used to a tripod with less range of motion, so hopefully she doesn't get motion sick watching it. It was especially fun to have headphones and be able to change sound levels. But there's really only so much you can do visually in a fixed spot at the back of a room. It was nice afterwards to catch up w/friends and also see Kath's friends again, too. Being part of a fan club is always fun.

I was thankful to be of some use since the entire rest of the day before that was spent recovering from my research trip. Let's hope the weekend is more productive!

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  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    thanks a billion for your help on friday! i am looking forward to seeing all of the special effects. ;P



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