Monday, May 25, 2009

Starting the great pack

I went to bed WAY too late last night (after 3am), so this morning was a struggle, mostly b/c of allergies, but I managed to run my errands and then meet Frank, Arlene, and David for fun adventures. We picked up hanji and wood gifts in Insadong and had lunch. I had big plans for the rest of the day but the heat has set in so I ran home instead to clean, do laundry, and then run to the post office for the second time today (a different location) to buy a box and get a shipping label.

Because the inevitable has arrived: I have to ship stuff back home. The biggest box allowed to the US is not very big, but thank goodness, b/c if it was any bigger I might throw out my back trying to get it out of here. I packed up my books and some of my winter clothing and was horrified, as always, by how much crap I own. It's nice to have it all in a box now, but it worries me about when I have to really pack. That doesn't even take into account the scads of paper and pieces like this huge lamp that I need to get back home. I'll try one attempt at shipping and if I am not traumatized, I'll try another. If I am, I'll deal with it later.

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  1. it is always good to get rid of things, to own just what fits into a couple of cardboxes and a suitcase (or two?).jaja! l know that well!!!


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