Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What we did today

After sleeping warmly (my cousin and his wife loaned us a comforter and comfy pillow so Tam didn't have to sleep on the straw pillow we got at the dollar store), we somehow got ourselves together enough to head out and grab noodles for lunch. Then, off to my jiseung lesson!

We had a fabulous time. My teacher and his wife loved Tam, and he had already made a gorgeous bracelet for her as a gift, and made her another one on the spot! She made them a knitted bracelet and washcloth, and gave them bamboo yarn (he hadn't believed me when I told him that it existed). She even took measurements of his feet for socks later.

It was SO touching to see how well they treated her. His wife made a huge, yummy, amazing spread of all veggie food to eat and Tam got the recipe for her onions. They were worried about us getting touristy things done tonight, so they pushed us out the door w/an itinerary (find yarn, shop, walk the stream running thru northern Seoul) after giving Tam a final gift of a gorgeous scarf/shawl. They said that she should stay and live w/them and learn how to cook and do jiseung. It was really special, all around: to have her witness my lesson, to have them meet her, and for us all to do lots of handwork (paper, knitting, cooking).

We only ended up walking the stream, which was MORE than enough, and quite lovely, actually. After grabbing some more strawberries and pastries for tomorrow morning's munchies, we finally got home and collapsed in a heap.

I have been feeling like hell and was scared it was a sickness but it's just allergies. Thank goodness that Tam has them, too, so that she could explain to me that my killer sore throat is likely from draining and not from virus/bacteria. Tomorrow might be a big day, so I should go to bed...but my inbox is so bloated!

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