Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The weather has been warm and sunny, which makes me want to throw all my work out the window and lay in the grass. Instead, I paid my phone bill, bought gifts for Terttu, who has a birthday this week and got into Yale for grad school (b/c she is a most amazing picture maker and human being), ran errands, and sat in a sweet cafe for hours just weaving, eating cheesecake, and writing a long email response to Frank b/c I'd much rather engage in the musings of my mind rather than do "official" work. I was motivated enough to get groceries and cook a grand dinner, did some mail art, and talked to Katherine, which further reaffirmed my desire to not do work.

It's all overrated, anyway. Maybe I need to switch my goals for my life and just work on being a nicer person. I'd like for that process to include sangria during lazy afternoons. If that is guaranteed, where do I sign up?!

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