Thursday, April 09, 2009

I am a pro

Today was kind of funky, again. I started the morning super motivated, but then quickly fell into a long, hilarious convo w/my sis and her husband in NYC. Then I ran out the door w/my computer and three packages in an effort to run errands and hit a cafe. But once I got to the bottom of the hill in this suddenly hot weather, I got all cranky about the length of my hair. So I RAN across the street and hopped on a bus, which took me to the wrong place, and then took two more subways to my mom's hairdresser.

She was impressed by my jiseung work, chopped off a load of hair, and fed me lunch. I ran errands and then figured since I was in the neighborhood, I should stop by the Fulbright office to check the dimensions of the lecture hall and figure out how to rig props for my lecture in two weeks. I saw a barricade in front of the elevator and assumed it was out of order (I didn't bother reading the sign), which meant that poor Nikki walked up with me to the 6th floor, then back down and up again with keys that didn't work. We ended up just walking down to the 5th floor and taking the perfectly-functioning elevator back up to the 6th floor.

She let me stay for as long as I needed, which was great. It was nice to have a place to catch my breath and cool down. Since I didn't know until 5 minutes before that I was going to check the specs on this room, I didn't have any measuring tools. Instead, I did things like measure the height of the ceiling as the height of me on half tiptoe + the length of my forearm + a pen. That converts to about 7 feet. My methods are deceptively ridiculous, but they work!

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