Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going steady

My day turned out completely different from the plan. Which is actually great, since I needed all the extra time that I got. I skipped my dyeing lesson to buy more time for conference prep. I leave really early tomorrow morning. I am SO taking a cab.

My cousin and his wife dropped off a foam mattress so that I'll be ready for when Tam visits. But in the meantime, I'm leaving it on my bed (there's no room for it anywhere else), which makes me very, very happy b/c it makes me feel like a princess. I got the update on the pregnancy: 5 months, a boy! She looks fabulous and is starting to show. They had Mozart on in the car and we went to see flowers at the university down the road (his alma mater) - all considered pre-natal care. Love it.

They took me to dinner in the next neighborhood over, where there's tons of good food. Yu-um.

I miss seeing them more often, but so often the family stuff gets sacrificed first. I'll miss my aunt's bday lunch next weekend b/c of the national language exam.

I'm officially leashed now; the first bf of this decade! It's kind of hilarious b/c in so many ways, this relationship was never supposed to happen. But despite all the logistical issues, I am glad that it did. This has been a cup-overfloweth week for all (birthdays, grad school admissions, job offers, rescuing women in Starbucks from violent crackheads, and delicious lunches filled with smoked duck).

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