Friday, April 10, 2009

Reaffirmed, told backwards

While waiting with Bo Kyung for Hiromi and Joe, I jumped into this gallery to check out a Michael Scoggins show.

The space was gorgeous.

This was the cafe where we got coffee while waiting for Hiromi and Joe. I had been so sleepy that I got a mocha and downed it.

I went back to the mill today! [go to the latest pics in this set, starting near the end w/the pic of my hanji teacher behind a row of mulberry shoots. It was a gorgeous day.] And finally got some decent pics of me making hanji. Wohoo!

[My hanji teacher, his parents, Hiromi, me, and Bo Kyung.] I'd tell the long version of how awesome today but I am wiped out. Bo Kyung from FIDES Int'l invited me to come to the mill as she escorted Hiromi and her husband Joe (they're only in Seoul for 2 days) there to see Korean papermaking for the first time, since I would be a useful translator. Hiromi has been operating a paper shop in Santa Monica, Hiromi Paper Int'l, for 20 years. She is full of energy, super smart, no nonsense, and truly loves paper and papermakers. It was fantastic to spend the day with her since she is so deeply involved in the paper community internationally and so open to and excited by new experiences. It made me feel like I'm still on the right path, doing the right thing, energized by like-minded individuals.

I got an email recently saying, "YOU'RE THE BIGGEST DORK!!" I'm happy to confirm that statement.

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  1. Aimee, what a great picture of you! Could you send me that picture, too? I'm going to work on the text this week.


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