Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I like strawberries

Yet I haven't been eating any lately. This contributes to my recent stress: I know what I need but I don't take any steps towards getting what I need. I had this strawberry drink while waiting for Dongjae last weekend in the basement of a fancy department store where there are tons of enticing food stands. I LOVE that I had the option to have them open it for me and replace the regular cap w/one w/a hole in it for a straw. I recognize how wasteful this is but I still love the ingenuity.

I just did some killer yoga hip openers, ones I've never done before, that woke me up to the fact that I HAVE a body, which needs to get some positive attention. Going to the island knocked me out of my routine (if you could even call it that). So I just did 20 pushups and am about to do 20 more for my triceps. This bench press was in a park in the "new" part of Jeju City. When I get back home, Ben plans to train me - cardio and resistance at the very least. So hopefully in the future when I happen upon equipment like this I can bench w/no fear.

I've been in a doom and gloom mood all afternoon after dyeing class (cloves! That smelled SO good), but then I got a surprise call from Texas essentially telling me to snap out of it. So I'll start prepping my lecture after pushups instead of procrastinating by looking into travel to Mongolia, Nepal, Cambodia, and the Phil. Thank goodness for a bf who keeps me in line.

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